ZHO launches sign language awareness campaign about COVID-19

ABU DHABI, The Zayed Higher Organisation for People of Determination, ZHO, has launched an awareness campaign through its accounts on social media platforms entitled Your Health is Important To Us in sign language for the deaf, in cooperation with the UAE Deaf Association and the Abu Dhabi Public Health Center, regarding the novel coronavirus, COVID-19.

The ZHO has translated the campaign in sign language for the deaf in Arabic, English and Chinese to raise awareness about virus prevention. It also intends to translate the instructions for prevention in Braille for the blind, to ensure that educational information reaches all groups of society, especially People of Determination.

The ZHO has affirmed its keenness to preserve the health of its children of determination and takes all precautions to protect their safety. Its role is not limited to providing care for them through its programs and initiatives only, but it also plays an educational role for all members of society by raising awareness of the information that concerns everyone, especially about the preservation of health.

It also pointed to the vital role the family, especially mothers, have in securing the prevention of disease in general, by ensuring the hygiene of their children, and stressed that there is great cooperation between the ZHO and the parents and families of the students to face any emergencies.

The ZHO clarified that all its care and rehabilitation centres around the Emirate of Abu Dhabi have specialized medical kits from a health company through an annual contract and it ensures that the centres are equipped with medical devices, disinfectants, sterilization devices, thermometers, and materials to meet the potential for cases of any diseases or health risks in the framework of its willingness to maintain the health and safety of everyone in the centres. Additionally, ZHO requests cleaning companies operating in all of their buildings to continue their work diligently.

The ZHO, through the Department of Health and the Department of Environment, Health, and Safety, carried out several measures in the framework of health awareness and education, including the transmission of educational messages to all of its employees, whether in the educational or administrative fields. It organised lectures to explain the importance of precautionary measures and maintaining public health and safety for all, as well as explaining the seriousness of the disease, how to avoid exposure, and how to act in emergencies when suspecting an infection or the emergence of any disease.

Source: Emirates News Agency