Yemeni Army reaches outskirts of Al Raheda in Taiz

LAHEJ, Yemen, As part of the Arab Coalition, led by Saudi Arabia and supported by the UAE Armed Forces, the Yemeni Army and Popular Resistance have regained control of strategic territorial positions in the Directorate of Qubaytah, north of Lahej, resulting in a number of Iranian-backed Houthi militias fleeing towards Wadi Humaydah.

The Yemeni forces continue to make advancements, with the support of the Arab Coalition in Aden, on the outskirts of Al Raheda, a strategic location in Taiz, in which Houthi militias distribute weapons and ammunition to several fronts.

Arab Coalition aircraft launched a series of air raids that targeted Houthi bases, military reinforcements and ammunition stores. The strikes and artillery attacks against Houthi bases resulted in the deaths of many armed militants and the destruction of dozens of their military vehicles.

The army is continuing operations in the areas of Kirsh and Shriga moving towards strategic militia centres in Taiz.

The recent liberation of Al Shuraijah area south of the Taiz governorate resulted in massive losses among Houthi militants.

The UAE Armed Forces, as part of the Arab Coalition, is providing military and logistical support for ground, aerial and maritime operations, to assist Yemen in defeating Iran’s schemes, which it is conducting through the militias.

Source: Emirates News Agency