World Government Summit Organisation holds executive education session on future predictions

DUBAI, — The World Government Summit (WGS) Organisation held an executive education session titled: “Future Predictions: Using Practical Thinking to Accurately Forecast the Future”, which attracted 150 executives from both the public and private sectors.

The session sought to hone the skills of c-suite executives from all participating corporations and entities, empowering them to implement practical thinking principles and tools in their efforts to proactively forecast and plan for the future in priority sectors.

Omar Sultan Al-Olama, Managing Director of the World Government Summit Organisation, said: “Forecasting the future is a practical science rooted in theories and concepts that deal with variables and equations. With that in mind, we must support people in leadership positions and equip them with the necessary skills to make use of modern forecasting tools.”

This session is one of a series of talks and workshops that the World Government Summit Organisation is planning to hold, Al-Ulama explained, adding that the organisation � as a future-focused science and knowledge hub � will enlist international experts to help achieve its goals and train a qualified, future-ready national workforce, equipped with practical thinking tools.

Speaking at the session was Tom Wujec, Strategy Expert at Autodesk, the international leader in 3D design technologies, as well as architecture and entertainment software. Wujec also counsels and supports executive and leadership teams to face the challenges of the market and the industry as a whole.

The session tackled the rapid developments in the technology sector and their effects on strategic sectors, in addition to exploring methods that allow decision makers to identify the most promising creative breakthroughs, forecast their future, and anticipate their effects on the government and private sectors. Moreover, the session shed light on practical thinking and how to use it to propose solutions for future challenges and adopt creative breakthroughs.

The speaker concluded the session by offering all participants complimentary copies of his book “The Future of Manufacturing”, which explores the fourth industrial revolution � and the digital industry, in particular.

Tom Wujec is an expert on innovation and has been involved in the development of many award-winning products. One such product was Sketchbook Pro, which is now used by more than 40 million architects and designers, as well as visual effects software Maya, whose developers received an Academy Award for the software’s contributions to the film industry.

Source: Emirates News Agency

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