‘World Family Doctor Day’, MoHAP hails family doctors’ efforts in countering COVID-19

DUBAI, On the World Family Doctor Day, the Ministry of Health and Prevention, MoHAP, has hailed family doctors’ efforts in countering new coronavirus, COVID-19, pandemic.

The day which falls on 19th May is being held this year under the theme “Family doctors on the front line”. The Ministry says it has an additional impetus as it coincides with the challenges posed by the outbreak of the disease.

In this respect, the Ministry adds,” UAE has been at the forefront of the countries worldwide, thanks to the rapid response of its government system response by harnessing all logistical and human resources. Also, the efforts of the health authorities and sectors have been obvious, while family doctors teamed up with their fellows on the frontline of defense to provide the necessary health care.”

Dr. Hussein Abdel Rahman Al-Rand, Under-Secretary of the Ministry’s Health Assistant Sector, Health Centers and Clinics, pointed out that family medicine is one of the international quality standards, through which the cultural and health level of countries is measured and assessed, thanks to its pivotal role in health care systems around the world.

He commended the efforts of family doctors on the frontline of defence to fight COVID-19 and to provide the necessary health care, which contributed to the increased recovery rates.

Al-Rand added, “Although the efforts of the Ministry of Health and Prevention are focused on fighting COVID-19 pandemic as a national health priority, it did not overlook the development of the operational plans to ensure the continuity of its various health services without interruption. One of the key services provided is the family doctor one, due to its pivotal role in preventive and curative healthcare and as a central point in the health system.”

Dr. Aisha Suhail, Director of the Primary Health Care Department, said, “Family doctors are the mainstay of the holistic and patient-centered health care to achieve the goal of universal health coverage. Since the beginning of this year, the key role of family doctors in managing the COVID-19 pandemic has become more apparent, as frontline of defense and providing effective health care to the community.”

She added, “While the world is facing the challenges posed by COVID-19 in health, social, and economic fields, the contributions of family doctors were impactful on managing the health situation.”

Suhail thanked family doctors for their dedication, commitment, courage, and relentless efforts in maintaining people’s health and saving patients’ lives, wishing them and the medical cadres good health and the speedy recovery for patients.


Source: Emirates News Agency