Wojhati system records increase of 1.6 million users

DUBAI, Wojhati, the journey planner system of the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority, RTA, has achieved 1,636,369 users in 2016, leapfrogging the 1,168,234 users recorded in 2015 by as much as 44 percent.

“This sharp rise of 1.6 million in the number of users reflects a quantum shift in the attractiveness of this smart system whose number of users has been on the rise since it was launched in late 2013,” Mohammed Abdullah Al Ali, Director of Planning and Business Development, RTA Public Transport Agency, said.

The Wojhati system provides information about buses, Metro, tram, and marine transport used by public transport commuters in Dubai, be they residents, visitors or tourists descending on the emirate from all over the globe.

The information provided by Wojhati covers scheduled arrival times of public transport as well as the applicable fare, guidance about destinations and alerts in case of delays. It also includes a feature enabling commuters to track the movement of buses en route. Wojhati uses satellite coordinates to identify the location of the user when its system on the smart phone or device is switched on, and accordingly provides all details about the set destination.

The system can also function offline as it can save the schedules of journeys required on the device and use them any time needed, explained Al Ali.

Source: Emirates News Agency