University students launch campaign to encourage women to support and empower each other

DUBAI — Students from Canadian University Dubai, CUD, have begun a campaign which aims to highlight the need for women to support each other in order to achieve their goals for gender equality.

The #SheforShe campaign also hopes to draw attention to the popular global campaign, #HeforShe, under the umbrella of UN Women.

The students decided to launch the campaign as part of their Media Impact class with the goal of addressing the negative attitudes that some women may have towards each other, and encourage positive and empowering ones.

“There’s a lot of negative energy between women,” explains student Ulla Al-Jabri. “In many ways we put each other down through judgement, competition, nasty comments, and we don’t support each other to achieve our goals. #HeforShe is great, but we felt that it also needed to encompass women supporting women.”

Source: Emirates News Agency

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