February 9, 2023

UAE Press: Israel and Iran playing a very dangerous game

DUBAI, A UAE newspaper has said that Israel and Iran are playing a very dangerous game in Syria, and any mistake or miscalculation could escalate into a full-blown confrontation.

The Gulf News in its today’s editorial wrote, “Both Israel and Iran are engaged in a series of confrontations inside Syria that highlight the dangers posed by both, with the regimes in Tel Aviv and Tehran seemingly intent on flexing their muscles and using Syria and the Arab people as collateral damage.”

In the past six months, and with increasing regularity over the past weeks and days, a dangerous cat-and-mouse game is unfolding in the form of air attacks and operations on the ground. While these skirmishes are just that for now, any miscalculation by either state could very well see this region exposed to the fallout of their pugnacious and aggressive actions, the paper added.

“The people of Syria have endured too much over these past seven years and President Bashar Al Assad remains in power only through Iran’s involvement there and through its Hezbollah mercenaries. They have meddled there for too long, and have given support to a man who has no compunction in using chemical weapons again his own people.

“Make no mistake either, Israel is using the conflict in Syria as an excuse to further expand an illegal presence there. Its actions and air strikes are a physical and legal assault on the national integrity of Syria and the Arab people,” the Dubai-based English language daily stated.

In its concluding remarks the paper said, “There is every danger that the heightened tensions between Israel and Iran will develop into an all-out confrontation and given Tehran’s and Hezbollah’s influence in Lebanon, that conflict could very well be played out there as well and that is a prospect no one across this region can desire for a second.”

Source: Emirates News Agency