UAE Jiu-Jitsu Federation announces participation in ‘U16 World Cup’

ABU DHABI, The UAE Jiu-Jitsu Federation announced its participation in the “U16 World Cup” and the “Balkan U18 Open Championship,” which will be held in the Romanian capital, Bucharest, from 13th to 15th September.

A total of 26 athletes were selected to represent the country’s two teams.

Mubarak Al Menhali, Director of the Technical Department of the Federation, stated that both the teams will have 13 players.

“We always aim to compete for top positions on the podiums, especially in these young age groups where we are used to collecting medals. The UAE has the best programmes for spreading and developing the sport around the world, recognised by the federation. The UAE also has the best programmes for creating champions, which is reflected by our achievements at the previous world junior championship in March last year,” Al Menhali said.

The federation will prioritise the Balkan U18 Championship, to identify the competitors who will come to Abu Dhabi to participate in the next world championship, he added.

Source: Emirates News Agency