UAE inventor guest of honour at London innovation fair

LONDON, The British Inventors’ Association has invited UAE inventor Ahmed Abdullah Majjan to be the guest of honour at the upcoming ITE International Innovation and Trade Fair.

Majjan will also participate in the “Award of the Year” recognition for inventions, attend the exhibition and present his inventions.

He was selected for his contribution to the world of invention, innovation, technology and smart solutions.

The ITE will see the participation of hundreds of inventors from around the world on 29th and 30th August at Olympia Kensington in London. The two-day event is being held under the auspices of the International Organisation of Inventors.

Majjan will join a committee comprising a group of arbitrators and experts to determine the benefits behind the inventions presented, in terms of the social and environmental aspects of humanity, originality and creativity, as well as design.

The closing ceremony of the exhibition includes the announcement of the grand finalists of the British and international awards categories, and gold, silver and bronze medals will be awarded to those who have reached the required level and standards, and other prizes will be awarded by a number of international participants.

The British patent office will participate in the exhibition where its experts will provide advice, and inventors can talk to patent agents or discuss their ideas with manufacturers and investors, with the support of the British Inventors’ Association.

Source: Emirates News Agency