UAE Company to Help Meet Kigali Water Demand (

Kigali Water Ltd, owned by Metito, an investment company based in the United Arab Emirates, has signed a Water Purchase Agreement (WPA) with the Water and Sanitation Corporation (Wasac), the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) and the Ministry of Infrastructure (MININFRA) to provide 40,000m3 of water per day to Wasac’s reservoirs.
The WPA is part of the Kigali Bulk Water Project, in which the government opted for a public-private partnership (PPP) to supply communities in Kigali, Bugesera, Kagarama, Nyanza and Gahanga.
After the signing ceremony, the State Minister in charge of Energy, Water and Sanitation, Germaine Kamayirese, said the project is aligned with Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Strategy (EDPRS2).
“The demand for water is high, and we will continue to work hard to meet the 100% access to water objective both in rural and urban areas by 2018,” she said.
“Our country is developing rapidly, so it is important that we have the infrastructure that can support the country’s ambitions. This project is part of the Vision 2020 plan to keeping up with increased demand for clean water, while improving its quality. However, the private sector should participate in the development according to EDPRS2,” Kamayirese said.
Metito chairman and CEO, Mutaz Ghandour, affirmed that the project will not only benefit Rwandans but will become an exemplar project for PPP for the whole of Sub-Saharan Africa.
“We want to make sure that this project boosts the economy of the country and people get access to water,” he said.
According to Ghandour, Metito will construct and operate a plant to treat river water, which will be extracted from the south bank of the Nyabarongo River. The construction will take approximately two years, at an estimated cost of $75 million.
Wasac director general James Sano said that on completion of the treatment plant, Metito will have a 25-year concession to produce the agreed volume of water per day.
He also noted that the investor will have 4 months to develop the detailed design and completing the conditions for project financing, after which the plant should be finished within 18 months.
According to Sano, the 40,000m3/day production will cover the medium-term water supply gap for the City of Kigali, Bugesera district and the new Bugesera Airport.
Together with the ongoing Culligan project and the optimization of Nzove and Bugesera treatments, this should bring daily water production in Kigali to 100,000 m3. Water demand in Kigali is currently110,000 m3.