UAE-Chinese cultural relations are example to be followed: Noura Al Kaabi

ABU DHABI, Noura bint Mohammed Al Kaabi, Minister of Culture and Knowledge Development, stated that the roots of the relationship between the UAE and China extend to the depths of history.

In her statement marking the visit of Xi Jinping, President of China, to the UAE tomorrow, Al Kaabi said, “The UAE and China have advanced their relations towards greater understanding, through mutual visits and shared desires that have deepened and developed their bilateral relations, to serve their interests.”

She also praised these ties and described them as an example to be followed of international relations that are based on mutual respect and love. The partnership between the two countries has cultural and social dimensions, as they both have ancient histories and social traditions, she added.

Al Kaabi stressed that promoting cultural exchange is a key target of the government’s strategy, as it will improve the relations between the peoples of both countries and develop other sectors. “We are working with China to unify our efforts and organise joint art and creative exhibitions,” she further added.

The cultural relations between the UAE and China must be utilised in an ideal manner, to be in line with the goals of their leadership, she noted while highlighting the necessity of establishing close cooperation and implementing joint programmes in various areas, such as music, theatre and art.

Source: Emirates News Agency