UAE celebrates Zayed Humanitarian Work Day

ABU DHABI, The UAE today celebrated the annual Zayed Humanitarian Work on 19th Ramadan, coinciding with the anniversary of the death of the Founder of the country, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

The day is taking place this year during a critical time when everyone needs to follow the humanitarian legacy of Sheikh Zayed to achieve greater cooperation and solidarity in facing the challenges caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The UAE’s international efforts to face the pandemic, through sending medical and relief aid to many countries, confirm its commitment to the humanitarian vision of Sheikh Zayed, which has strengthened its stature as a humanitarian capital.

History has marked the success of Sheikh Zayed in transforming humanitarian work in the UAE into a way of life and behaviour.

The value of aid provided by the UAE, upon the directives of Sheikh Zayed, in the form of grants, loans and physical aid to many countries around the world amounted to over AED98 billion in 2000.

Sheikh Zayed received medals from various countries, in recognition of his services to humanity.

He was also keen to draft legal and organisational frameworks that transformed charity work into a comprehensive system adopted by the government and private organisations.


Source: Emirates News Agency

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