UAE approves draft resolution on role of Islamic organisations in fighting terrorism, protecting diplomats

BAMAKO, The Political and Foreign Affairs Commission, a group formed by an alliance of Islamic nations, members of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), has approved a draft resolution by the UAE Parliamentary Division on Wednesday.

The meeting, which was held at the International Conference Centre in Bamako, discussed the role of the OIC in forming alliances to fight terrorism and protect diplomats.

According to the UAE Parliamentary Division, the terrorist attacks on the UAE’s diplomatic humanitarian mission in Afghanistan on 10th January, 2017, was a serious terrorist crime against civilians working in humanitarian projects.

The condemnation of this terrorist attack has highlighted the role of the OIC in promoting international security and stability, and it sends a clear message to the international community that the Islamic world rejects such violent actions, it added.

A total of 35 draft resolutions were reviewed by the commission. The topics that were discussed included the role of Islamic governments in confronting Israeli threats to the Arab identity of Jerusalem, the situation in Palestine, combating global terrorism, rejecting sanctions against Islamic countries, potential political consequences of the Jasta Law and equal rights for all citizens to use modern technology for peaceful purposes.

Other topics discussed included the elimination of weapons of mass destruction and nuclear weapons from the Middle East, co-operation between Islamic countries in promoting Islamic values, eliminating extremism and violence in the Islamic world, solidarity with Muslim minorities around the world in fighting Islamophobia, facilitating entry visa procedures between Muslim countries and co-operation between the Islamic Cooperation Organisation and the Islamic Conference Youth forum.

Source: Emirates News Agency