Time to tie up the noble spirit of fasting with the Year of Giving: daily

ABU DHABI–As Ramadan begins in the UAE and around much of the globe, it is a time to reflect, meditate and take care of our emotional and spiritual well-being.

It is also a time to give back to the community and those in need. Contributing is an all-encompassing notion and can take various meanings. “This means donating to charities, giving away foodstuffs that may otherwise go to waste, providing clothes to the underprivileged and the like,” Gulf News’ editorial commented on Saturday.

Giving has always brought about the best in mankind. Pertinently, individual and collective acts of generosity help a community foster strong bonds and better understand empathy, it added.

Let’s remember that Ramadan accords a special reason for residents of the UAE to extend help to others.

While charity is an important practice to adopt during this month, it also touches upon the country’s commitment to observe 2017 as the Year of Giving. Its three major themes of strengthening social responsibility in the private sector, promoting a spirit of volunteerism and specialised voluntary programmes in all segments of society, apart from strengthening the concept of serving the nation in the new generation, highlight the humanitarian legacy that the UAE stands for.

Ramadan gives us an excellent opportunity to try to fulfill our obligations at multiple levels as businesses, volunteers and citizens to reach out and serve. Besides giving shape to a more empathetic and generous culture, it also helps everyone work towards the development of the nation. This Ramadan, let us tie the noble spirit of fasting with the Year of Giving, the paper said.

Source: Emirates News Agency

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