The Family and Lawyer of Washington Post Journalist Jason Rezaian Provide Reaction as His Trial Concludes

WASHINGTON, Aug. 10, 2015 / PRNewswire — The final hearing in Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian’s case was held in Tehran’s Revolutionary Court today.

After more than a year of fighting for Jason’s innocence and release, his brother, Ali Rezaian made the following comment on his brother’s case:

“Jason is a talented journalist, who was simply doing his job fairly, accurately, and lawfully. It is unconscionable that he has been held for more than a year — three times longer than any Western journalist ever held in Iran. My brother’s life has been cruelly interrupted for over a year for crimes he did not commit.  His unlawful detention has carried on for far too long and he deserves to be vindicated and set free without further delay.”

From Tehran, Leila Ahsan, attorney for Jason Rezaian, made the following statement on behalf of her client:

“Mr. Jason Rezaian and I presented the comprehensive defense, addressing the charges against him in both verbal and written formats. Hopeful of being vindicated Jason, again, pled not guilty and denied any wrongdoing. By Iranian law, the court has one week to issue a verdict in the case.

“Having read the case file front to back, there is no evidence that would support the charges against Jason. I expect nothing but his full acquittal.

“In the courtroom, I strongly rejected the contention that there is ‘secret evidence’ only shared with the judge and prosecution. By Iranian law, only evidence in the case file can be used against my client.

“Once again the judge rejected Mr. Rezaian’s request for bail, despite bail being mandated by Iranian law in this case, as he has been held for more than a year without conviction.”

Outside the courtroom Mary Rezaian, mother of Jason Rezaian, had this to say:

“This case is not about something Jason did. It’s about political issues between Iran and the United States, and Jason as a dual citizen is paying the price of the animosity, suspicion and paranoia that unfortunately exists. Any verdict besides acquittal is a political verdict.

“Iran’s Judiciary claims to be fair and independent. Yet why is everything about Jason’s detention and trial hidden? For more than a year Jason’s legal rights as an Iranian have been abused: he has been held in isolation without charge; detained for months without a trial and for more than a year without a verdict; subjected to unpredictable and unexplained delays in court proceedings; and had his trial conducted in virtual secrecy.

“I challenge those who arrested and detained my son to produce the purported evidence they are using to accuse him of espionage. Make the evidence public, broadcast the trial tapes, and let the world see Jason’s innocence.

“The accusations against my son are baseless. The only fair and humane verdict is acquittal.”