December 10, 2022

Sunwin Series 9 green buses shuttle visitors to and from CIIE

Sunwin provides anti-COVID-19 public bus services to guests from all over the world

SHANGHAI, Nov. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The third China International Import Expo (CIIE) kicked-off in Shanghai as scheduled. Faced with uncertainties and challenges brought by COVID-19, Shanghai’s transportation industry has been striving to comply with the overall plan and requirements set forth by the Shanghai Municipal Party committee and the Shanghai Municipal government aiming for smooth traffic while preventing and controlling the spread of the pandemic. As the major means of commuting to the main exhibition center, Sunwin Series 9 intelligent buses have been comprehensively upgraded to meet COVID-19 prevention and control measures. The buses have fully integrated the UV disinfection system, face recognition and non-contact temperature measurement systems. Not only can they detect whether passengers wear masks and whether their body temperature is normal, but also transmit the data to the backend data center in real-time, thereby playing an important role in the public transportation pandemic prevention and control network.

ECAs side kneeling function and wheelchair ramp make it easier for passengers in wheelchairs to get on and off the bus

In order to actively respond to the concept of “green, environmentally friendly and sustainable” advocated by the 3rd CIIE, over 200 Sunwin Series 9 pure electric buses provided services to the watch zone at CIIE, becoming the strongest voice of green travel. These buses have an impressive performance with regards to intelligent configuration, riding comfort and accessibility. They boast of 360 panoramic cameras, ADAS and other luxury car configurations, this effectively increases the convenience and safety level of public transportation. The entire bus adopts a full low floor design and is equipped with electric control air suspension. When the ECAs side kneeling function is activated, the height between the boarding and alighting doors and the ground is as low as 28 centimeters, and passengers can get on and off the bus very easily. Passengers in wheelchairs can also get on and off the bus with the help of the wheelchair guide and the driver. This design creates an accessible travel environment, and demonstrates an important concept that “the People’s city is built by the people and for the people”.

Sunwin 9-series bus is the designated shuttle for the security zone of the third CIIE

In order to ensure that buses for this year’s CIIE are safe and reliable, the service team strictly followed the “Sunwin 360 Service” standards, carrying out comprehensive daily inspection and real-time monitoring of the vehicles in service. The team carries out checks on the buses after every journey in the control area so as to ensure that each bus is checked once a day. It has an early warning and alarm linkage mechanism, conducts real-time backend monitor using the new-energy vehicle monitor system, responds timely to various emergencies, and makes every effort to ensure that the buses function/run properly, providing more convenient, effective and considerate travel services to participants from across the world.

Sunwin will continue to improve its R&D level, advance the use of environmental technologies, further improve travelling conditions for passengers, increase the operational efficiency of public transportation, and take Shanghai’s public transportation to the next level.

Sunwin 360 Service ensure that buses for this year’s CIIE are safe and reliable

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