Sharjah Ladies Club prepares for AWST 2016

SHARJAH, 14th January, 2016 (WAM) — Teams from the Sharjah Ladies Club, SLC, are getting tournament-ready by participating in training camps and competitions both locally and abroad for the Arab Women Sports Tournament (AWST 2016), the only competition of its kind and one of the largest sports tournaments in region, taking place in Sharjah from 2nd-12th February.

Nada Al Naqbi, Deputy Head of the AWST Supreme Organising Committee, Head of Executive Committee, and Tournament manager, said that SLC went to great lengths to ensure the success of all teams participating in the third edition of the AWST, planning several training camps and participation in other competitions.

She said, “We have an intensive and strategic training programme set up by professional trainers that took place locally and abroad. This will ensure all our teams are in the best competitive condition in readiness for the Arab tournament. We’re looking forward to seeing our teams achieve the best results as they have always done in previous tournaments.”

The basketball teams started preparing for AWST by participating in a local tournament which started on 11th of December, 2015, and the volleyball teams took part in a local tournament on 25th December. The basketball and volleyball teams will be taking part in a camp in Belgrade, Serbia, from 13th to 22nd January.

The archery team held a local training camp in Al-Ain from 20th to 26th December, and is scheduled to hold a second camp in Sharjah from 13th to 19th January while the athletics team has been training in the Dubai Police Officers’ Club since 22nd December 2015. The fencing team has been training in Cairo since 24th December.

The shooting team is heading to a training camp in Germany from 7th to 16th January, with a backup camp in Doha should the camp in Germany not be ready. The team will then have a second training camp in Abu Dhabi from 18th to 21st January and another in the Indian capital of New Delhi from 25th to 30th January.