December 10, 2022


The 345 issue of Al Manal E-Magazine for December 2019, which is part of Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services (SCHS) publications, released. Her Highness Sheikha Jameela bint Mohammed Al Qasimi, Vice President of Supreme Council for Family Affairs & Director General of SCHS, is the chief editor. The publication aims at educating the Arab family, providing it with information, theoretical, and applied knowledge as well as training programs and raising their health awareness.

In Research and Studies section, Al Manal editorial staff addressed two important topics on counseling the families of children with mental disability and Deaf-Ear Syndrome. Ms. Ola Mahmoud Mohamed prepared a study on the approach to communicate with people with severe and multiple disabilities. Hashim Kate Lazim translated a study for Vladimir Zivanovich about logical thinking. We close this section with a study translated by Mrs. Anwar Sami Obaid on the advantages of playing in the development of language by a child.

In Culture and Literature section, Mr. Osama Nadim Mardini, Manal Editor-in-Chief, has written a film review for the Korean film (Silenced), which talks about crimes committed against deaf children in a boarding school in the absence of law! By Shakra Rashed we read a sentimental and spiritual message entitled (To my beloved brother). As for the phenomenon of (surrendering to tradition), Ms. Huda Chaouch has written an article about this topic. Hisham Mohamed Kattami presents the methods of self-awareness and their relationship to the development of efficient communication between individuals.

In the same section, we read a thorough briefing on SCHS successful release at the Sharjah International Book Fair, by journalist Hazem Shehadeh, who wrote about the outstanding 60-second series of speech, language, and hearing.

Al Manal Activities and Events section is full of news as usual. Mohammed bin Zayed bestows Sultan Al Qasimi (the Medal of the Mother of the Emirates). The International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD) theme for 2019 is ‘Promoting the participation of persons with disabilities and their leaderships. SCHS students salute the UAE flag while singing the national anthem. Al Khalidiya District Council Donates 30.000 Dirhams to Support SCHS Services. SCHS integrates students with mental disability into Sharjah Higher Colleges of Technology. SCHS had a successful participation in the Hashemite University Conference Accessibility to Knowledge Content for Persons with Disabilities.

In addition, students of Ajman University of Science and Technology praise as than advanced level of SCHS services. Five thousand students participate in Early Intervention Center activity (Childhood Thon). More than 6738 children benefited from SCHS Early Intervention Center screening programs since 2006. Successful conclusion of the World Olympic Championship for people of determination (Emirate is the fourth in the Arab world and three medals for the Olympic champion Mohammed Al-Qaid). SCHS integrates children with disabilities into Sharjah Second Carnival. SCHS organizes many lectures and workshops in Assistive Technology Awareness Month. Al Amal School for the Deaf is licensed as private school. SCHS invites the public to participate in Clean UAE 2019 campaign.

In Social Issues section, the editorial staff of Al Manal has prepared an article on the white book in China about protecting the rights of the disabled in the past 70 years. Dr. Fayez Shalati has written about retired people filling their extra time with useful activities. SCHS Social Work Department has written about the discovery of 21 genes associated with Alzheimer. Yasmin Tahrir Taher, prepared an article warning from child sitting in the form of W. Enes Qasim teaches us how to deal with stuttering in schools.

From Life section included a material translated by Mazen Quqas under the title Doctors Suggested Because Of My Autism I May Have to be Institutionalized; Today I’m Pursuing My Master’s Degree by Kerry Magro.

In Opinion section, Momen Ali Al-Tayyeb, a journalist and activist in the field of the rights of persons with disabilities, presents an article on raising awareness of the rights and issues of persons with disabilities. Mr. Wael Allam has written about privacy and confidentiality of information. Dr. Zaid bin Mohammed Al – Romany wrote about the tragedy of hunger. We also read by Delia Linsford and the translation of the Neil El-Taher about the unexpected benefits of Delia’s disability, which has become a reality.

Source: Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services