On Thursday, January 9, 2020, the training course to develop the skills of the teachers of deaf and hard of hearing persons, which Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services (SCHS) organized in collaboration with Stichting Kentalis International Foundation, concluded. More than 20 teachers took the training course.

SCHS has been always working to develop the skills of its staff in correspondence with its leadership and constant efforts to include, advocate, and empower persons with disabilities. SCHS seeks to consolidate the relationships of cooperation with various local, regional, and international bodies in order to offer services according to the best international practices.

The training courses is a practical implementation for one of the recommendations of (5% Within Frequency Range) conference organized by SCHS in April 2018. It aimed at highlighting the issues of deaf people because SCHS is a leading organization in this field. SCHS has been educating and developing their capabilities and talents according to the best international practices since the establishment of Al Amal School for the Deaf in 1979, which is the same year in which SCHS was established.

The course aimed to train workers with deaf and hard of hearing students on receiving support using various techniques such as visualization and vocabulary acquisition. The two trainers (Ink Williams) and (Marek Folsog) delivered the course.

During the course, the two coaches discussed methods of direct mentoring, cooperative learning, and acquiring the basics of mentoring through forming ideas, motivating questions, in addition to acquiring vocabulary and applying visualization in classroom.

The two trainers praised the SCHS’s cooperation and participants’ interaction with the theoretical and practical sides of the course, wishing everyone success in the future.

SCHS teachers who took the course confirmed its importance in developing the techniques used with deaf students in the classroom, and its role in supplying their lingual inventory with vocabulary and stimulating imagination to achieve the best results.

On the other hand, SCHS concluded the course entitled (Measurement, Evaluation and Programming System) on Thursday. The course, which Al Wafa School for Capacity Development Al Ramalah Branch organized, aimed at developing technical cadres and refining their expertise in the field of measurement, evaluation and programming system.

Notably, 35 specialists working with children at early ages in SCHS benefited from the course in which Mr. Wael Allam, Director of the Educational, Rehabilitation and Educational Services Department in SCHS, and Mr. Muhammad Fawzi, Director of SCHS Early Intervention Center were lecturers.

Source: Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services