The Center for Assistive Technology, which is an affiliate of Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services (SCHS), presented two tablets to student Moamen Tayeb, who is currently training in SCHS. The first tablet will help him communicate, while the other one will help him eat. SCHS Center for Assistive Technology seeks to promote greater independence to persons with disabilities according to the best practices worldwide in order to empower them in every area of life.

Ms. Rabab Abdel Wahab, Head of SCHS Center for Assistive Technology, has confirmed center’s efforts to evaluate people with disabilities, provide necessary consultations, and follow-up them periodically. The center provides technical solutions, finds financing options, and help people with disabilities enter the workforce to prove their abilities and skills.

In this context, she praised the fruitful cooperation between the Center and Sharjah Islamic Bank through the provision of assistive devices by giving interest-free loans.

In addition, she praised the cooperation with a number of assistive technology manufacturers such as Concert World, which presented the tablets to help Moamen communicate with other people throughout typing sentence into the device, which pronounces these sentence as well as Obi Feeder device, which enables persons with disabilities from eating their food independently.

Ms. Rabab has pointed out that the center, which SCHS established in 2014, presented services to more than 200 persons with disabilities enrolled and not enrolled in SCHS.

SCHS Center for Assistive Technology makes huge efforts to raise people and persons with disabilities’ awareness of assistive technology and universal design.

Since its establishment, the Center has organized many conferences, workshops and exhibitions concerned with this issue. The last of which was the Smart House Exhibition last May, which focused on assistive technologies and accessibility standards that should be available at homes so that a person with disabilities can live there independently.

The mother of student Moamen Tayeb directed her sincerest thanks to all the workers of Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services and the Center for Assistive Technology with her best wishes of success.

Source: Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services