SANANBIO and Hode AgTech Announce Strategic Partnership for Indoor Farming Projects in Qatar

XIAMEN, China, May 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — SANANBIO, an industry-leading indoor farming solution provider, and Hode AgTech, agri-technologies developer and promoter, announced their partnership on indoor farming projects on the 13th of May, 2020. Zhan Zhuo, General Manager of SANANBIO, and Zhang Min, founder and CEO of Hode, spoke at the signing ceremony and sealed their commitment to building indoor farms and labs in Qatar.

Zhang Min (Left), Zhan Zhuo (Right)

As a country comprised of errand dessert land; dry, hot summers laden with dusty winds and cooler winters, Qatar is ideal for indoor farm produce production. Currently, about 90% of all produce is imported. With politics and environmental factors at play, Industry leaders have emerged to contribute to solving these challenges to ensure access to fresh nutritionally dense food for Qatar’s 2.7 million people.

Indoor farming, also referred to as Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA), is a modern agricultural method that utilizes LED grow lights and sophisticated cultivation techniques to grow crops in a controlled-environment space which provides the plants with everything they need to thrive. One of many positive aspects of indoor farms is that they may operate independent of local climate conditions, allowing consistent harvest results throughout the year. With partnership like the one between SANANBIO and Hode AgTech, laying the ground work for domestic agricultural production in Qatar becomes possible.


SANANBIO is a joint-venture by Sanan Optoelectronics, one of the world’s largest LED manufacturers, and the Institute of Botany of Chinese Academy of Sciences, a leading institute in plant science. Comprised of LED experts and plant scientists, SANANBIO is able to provide simple indoor farming solutions for global growers. The RADIX, a patented vertical hydroponic system, has been widely endorsed by growers from more than twenty countries. To learn more, visit:

About Hode AgTech

Hode AgTech is committed to the development and worldwide promotion of agricultural technologies. Hode’s team is comprised of agricultural experts and management professionals, devoted to the investment and management of agricultural projects around the world. It has formed strategic partnerships with leading agricultural institutions from Chinese Mainland and will continue to be a leading force in the industry.

SANANBIO City Farm Design Sketch

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