Rainfall with lower temperatures expected for coming days: NCM

ABU DHABI, The country is under influence of an extension of low pressure from the East, associated with humid eastern winds, with extension of an upper air low pressure from the north, accompanied by a cold air mass, according to the National Center of Meteorology With the presence of the Eastern Mountains, clouds will form over the East and North, extending to the sea and some coastal areas and islands, NCM said in a statement today.

On Sunday, some clouds will form eastward and far northward of the country, with the probability of rainfall. The upper air low pressure will deepen over the country on Monday and Tuesday, increasing the amount of clouds over some areas, especially the eastern and northern regions, extending to the sea and some coastal areas and islands, associated with rainfall.

On Wednesday, the impact of the low pressure over the country will recede, as the amount of clouds will decrease, with the continuation of low clouds appearances over some eastern and coastal areas and islands, with the probability of light rain during the daytime and the weather will become partly cloudy in the evening.

Winds will be light to moderate, freshening at times over the sea and with convective clouds. Temperature will decrease. The sea will be rough at times especially westward and with convective clouds in the Arabian Gulf and the Sea of Oman.

On Thursday, the low pressure will move towards the east, away from the country, so the weather will become stable and mild in general, and partly cloudy to fair and humid at night and the next early morning, with a probability of fog or mist formation. Sea will be slight in general in the Arabian Gulf and Sea of Oman.


Source: Emirates News Agency

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