Pensions disbursement on May 19: Abu Dhabi Pension Fund

ABU DHABI, The Abu Dhabi Pension Fund has announced that the date for the disbursement of pensions to around 18,000 pensioners and beneficiaries, amounting to AED238 million, will be on 19th May instead of 26th of the same month, which is the usual date for disbursement.

The gesture aims to support the pensioners and beneficiaries and help them to early fulfill all their needs and obligations on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr.

The fund affirmed its commitment to disburse the retirement benefits for the pensioners and beneficiaries according to a flexible mechanism, especially in the current circumstances and the precautionary measures taken by the country in order to facilitate the situation on the pensioners and the beneficiaries in general, and the ‘senior citizens’ in particular.

The fund pointed out that the total number of the pensioner citizens benefiting from the early pension disbursement in Abu Dhabi is 8,496, while the number of beneficiaries reached 9,498.

It also pointed out that all the administrative and technical preparations have been completed to disburse the pensions of May through the remote work system with the same speed and accuracy of any regular working day, particularly after the fund’s success in disbursing the pensions of the past two months in the same way.

Source: Emirates News Agency

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