December 2, 2022

PCFC’s Customs World receives Dominican Customs delegation

DUBAI, As part of its efforts to promote and advance customs systems worldwide, Customs World, a subsidiary of the Ports, Customs and Free Zone Corporation, PCFC, received a high-level delegation from the Dominican General Directorate of Customs.

The delegates had the chance to learn about the advanced services and smart customs systems that Dubai Customs delivers to its clients, which can be utilised based on the agreement between Customs World and the Dominican General Directorate of Customs. Dubai Customs, under this agreement, will provide technical assistance in developing and updating customs procedures and systems to help its Dominican counterpart better protect its entry points and support its economy.

The delegates included Williams G. Patchico, IT Consultant, Alexandra Maukwait, Head of IT Department, and Jean Charles, IT Consultant.

Nadya Kamali, CEO of Customs World, briefed the visitors on Customs World’s plans to help and update the Dominican customs systems. She also talked about the advanced systems Dubai Customs uses including the Risk Engine and the Authorised Economic Operator. These systems reduce time and further protect society from the perils of restricted and prohibited materials.

In 2017, Customs World and the Dominican General Directorate of Customs signed an agreement, which saw Customs World deliver a comprehensive capacity-building programme to Dominican Customs to help expedite and optimise their customs clearance process while maintaining both effective and efficient control of goods and people. The world-class expertise, knowledge and technology-based screening tools and solutions developed over the years by Dubai Customs will be offered to facilitate and meet that objective.

Kamali added that the PCFC is providing an integrated business plan to the Dominican Republic that started in 2006 with the development of the Port of Caucedo to enhance the country’s position as a business hub in the Caribbean.

Source: Emirates News Agency