Partly Facetious: Cricket was the last straw on a camel's back (Business Recorder (Pakistan))

“I don’t understand.”
“What? Our ignominious defeat at the hands of India and West Indies? The power behind our cricket has said don’t have too many expectations and…”
“Two things; first of all, the power behind cricket is political so you had better put up or shut up. And before you say anything, let me advise you to shut up because in our politics to admit to a wrong appointment is to show weakness. Second, you will now be happy to note that our leaders civilian and military, have now ensured that we cannot compete with India at any level cricket was the last straw on a camel’s back and…”
“A committee needs to be set up and Dar made the Chairman of this 100th committee and…”
“Talk of exaggeration, for your information Dar is the chairman of only 40 odd committees…”
“Now who is being facetious?”
“Anyway I was amazed to read the Financer Ministry’s spokesman defending a personal attack against Dar by Imran Khan I mean that’s certainly not his job is it.”
“Dar sent off a letter to the Khan saying that he lent the money to his sons money he earned during 200208 as an economic advisor to the UAE…”
“Does that include the time when the real estate market collapsed in Dubai and the emirate needed help from oil rich Abu Dhabi?”
“See that does sound like Dar’s advice seek help all ye who enter his abode!”
“Alright, already anyway I would advise the Dubai guys to consider market rates of those they hire…I mean if 40 crore rupees were saved and relent by Dar between 200208 that amounts to 5.7 crore rupees savings per annum excluding living expenses and this amounts to around half a million dollars savings per year, even the cash rich Western bankers didn’t save that much per year…”
“Grapes are sour.”
“Indeed they are all my economics degrees….”
“You need powerful friends to get you lucrative jobs.”
“Yes, but there is a downside you know when the military is in power then you need a foreign stash and…”
“Dar sys he was asked by the Musharraf led military to become the country’s finance minister?”
“I didn’t hear that, I heard that Musharraf wanted Dar to give an affidavit stating that he had laundered money for Nawaz Sharif and Dar says he gave that because he knew that the case was time bound.”
“Ah yes, legally sound advice but not politically sound.”
“Don’t know about that, he is the deputy prime minister by all accounts.”