Pakistan Fashion & Textile Week to expand trade: Javed Malik


Pakistan Fashion & Textile Week to expand trade: Javed MalikPress Release No: 242Dated: 4/26/2015
Pakistan’s Ambassador at Large, Javed Malik inaugurated The Pakistan Fashion & Textile Week in UAE as the Chief Guest on 25th April 2015 at a prominent five star hotel in Dubai. The event has been organized to showcase Pakistani designers, fashion, fabrics and textiles at an international level, and was fully packed by guests from various nationalities.  
Ambassador Javed Malik inaugurated the event which started with the melodious tunes of Pakistan’s National Anthem which had everyone in the packed venue standing and singing witha sense of proud patriotism.  A large number of Arab Emiratis and international dignitaries accompanied Ambassador Javed Malik as he entered the venue in order to give maximum exposure to the Pakistani designers, their talent and the Pakistani products on display at the adjoining exhibition. Speaking on the occasion, Ambassador Javed Malik said “as part of our trade and cultural diplomacy initiatives we continue to explore new avenues that  pave the way to promote Pakistani products, expand our trade and boost exports to the UAE and the Gulf region. We also believe that such initiatives not only project a positive image of Pakistan at an international level, but also create an opportunity for us to support and encourage talented Pakistanis and give them an international platform to showcase their work. He appreciated the organizing team led by Syed Imad, Syed Shuja and Saira Sara and thanked the large audience for coming and showing their support, “Along with Pakistani expatriates, let me express my warm welcome to the “Friends of Pakistan” from different nationalities that have joined us this evening and let me assure you that you will experience the richness of Pakistani culture, our warm hospitality and also see some wonderful work by talented Pakistanis.  
Pakistan Fashion and Textile Week also includes an Exhibition of Pakistani products which would continue for two days in Dubai and will be a regular occurrence in UAE