Over 50 media productions shot at ‘twofour54’ since incentives programme launched

ABU DHABI — The state-of-the-art technology adopted by twofour54 and the media projects launched by the Abu Dhabi’s media and entertainment hub to keep pace with the fast-paced and multi-faceted media developments across the world have been explored by representatives of the Abu Dhabi Executive Council recently.

This came in a visit by members of the council’s Economic Development Committee to twofour54, now considered one of the fastest growing media markets in the world with attractive economic benefits for companies, including , but not limited to, easy licensing and business set-up services, 100 percent company ownership in a stable environment and a a place where some of the biggest names in the industry call home.

The committee members listened to comprehensive briefings from the authority’s executives about the latest services and incentives provided and the efforts being made to woo regional and global media productions to the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in order to boost the momentum created by the government enablers for growth as part of the country’s economic diversification programme on the one hand and to enhance the status of Abu Dhabi as a pioneering and sought-after destination for media and entertainment in the region on the other.

It’s noteworthy that twofour 54’s Abu Dhabi Film Commission launched the Middle East’s first production incentives in 2008, providing access to a generous 30% cash-back rebate on productions, including feature films, television dramas, commercials, other television formats, such as documentaries and telemovies shot in Abu Dhabi; and post-production, digital content services, visual effects services for projects shot inside or outside Abu Dhabi. Since its launch, more than 50 media productions were shot in the zone in addition to eight Arab TV programmes, and two Indian movies since the beginning of the year.

The EC committee members underscored the importance of laying more emphasis on innovative and creativity in order to enhance the competitive edge boasted by the zone as part of its endeavours to attract the biggest names in the industry to Abu Dhabi as part of its mission to nurture businesses and professionals by means of a fully integrated and supportive ecosystem that delivers world-class production services and talent development, ensuring the growth and sustainability of the region’s media industry.

Source: Emirates News Agency

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