Official UAE Hajj Mission explains housing plan for pilgrims

MAKKAH, The Official UAE Hajj Mission explained its plan to house pilgrims in Mena, Arafat and Muzdalefa to pilgrimage organisers, as well as their transportation arrangements, during a meeting today in Arafa.

The mission stressed that the pilgrimage organisers must organise the flow of pilgrims, from the day of “Tarwiah” until their return to the UAE, as well as implement plans to facilitate their movement, ensure safety, and provide comfort and reassurance to the pilgrims while they perform their Hajj rituals. It also presented its alternative emergency plans.

The mission revealed, to the pilgrimage organisers, the “Mashair Railway Bracelet,” which will be distributed to the pilgrims while highlighting the importance of wearing the bracelet and not taking it off until their rituals are completed, as well as the constructive cooperation between the mission and the organisers, to meet the needs of the pilgrims.

The mission distributed the bracelets to the organisers while highlighting several guidelines to ensure the safety of pilgrims, as well as how to avoid overcrowding, and regulating the entrances and exits of tents, which will guarantee the pilgrims’ happiness and safety while performing the rituals.

The mission pointed out that the safety of all food items during the pilgrimage has been confirmed, as well as the availability of various types of food, based on the pilgrims’ requirements.

The mission stressed the necessity of guiding and alerting the pilgrimage organisers about how to enter designated doors for each campaign, as well as informing every pilgrim about the necessity of carrying their ID cards. The pilgrimage organisers must also lead the pilgrims and ensure that they stay in their designated areas until their names are called out, to prevent overcrowding and pushing, it added.

It further added that medicines and supplies will be provided to the pilgrims by the Medical Committee.

The mission further noted that all its efforts will meet the required security and safety requirements, which will enable the Emirati pilgrims to perform their rituals.

The pilgrimage organisers praised the efforts of the wise leadership, through its monitoring of the pilgrims, to provide services and supplies, make them happy, and enable them to perform their rituals.

Source: Emirates News Agency

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