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Abu Dhabi , editorials focused on local newspapers on Sunday morning , a number of regional and international issues, particularly the Yemeni crisis.

Also highlighted the US ambassador to the United Nations a statement that her country would not allow the day after condemning Israel in the international organization.

Under the title / International Responsibility / The statement said that their militias putschists practices in Yemen is not an event Yemeni isolated, it is a criminal chaos fueled by foreign hands wantonly, do not evaluate the weight of international law, does not respect the sovereignty of States, nor care about the will of here, such beatings with an iron fist on these hands that Tstmri tampering with regional stability, trying to pass extraneous agendas beyond the good neighborliness .. is an international public responsibility.

She added: Equally, the necessity requires the international community and its institutions to take a firm stance on arms smuggling operations to rebel militias, particularly through Hodeidah Yemeni port which Houthis continue to use lifeline to feed their coup on their homeland, and they learn Bmnaba their wickedness.

She stressed that the UAE ‘s position calling for taking an international position on the port of Hodeidah and to stop its use in weapons carried out by rebel militias to prolong the crisis and exacerbate the humanitarian situation in Yemen smuggling operations; position is aimed ultimately at strengthening the humanitarian relief operations needed by the Yemenis, who are languishing under difficult conditions created by the insurgency and regional backers.

It concluded that the promotion of peace and stability, and restoring security and safety in this stricken country, is the need to keep the entire region from the atmosphere of stringing and brick essential in promoting peace and stability in the world. . What means that the siege of the coup and to punish the rebels are international duty, no alternative to address it, and the face of entitlements.

Source: Emirates News Agency

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