More turmoil will come from disunity in Yemen: Arab League

CAIRO, The Arab League expressed on Tuesday its concern over developments in Yemen, saying that disunity will bring in more turmoil to the war-torn country.

The Kuwait News Agency, KUNA, quoted a statement by the Arab League as saying that current developments in southern Yemen and Aden threaten stability.

“The dispute amongst Yemeni will prevent the people from facing the real problems in terrorism and militancy,” revealed the statement, which called for deescalating the situation and referring back to reconciliation and dialogue.

The Arab League touched upon the continuous attacks carried out by the Houthi militia against Saudi Arabia, strongly condemning all acts threatening the security and stability of the Kingdom.

It also condemned the human rights violations committed by Houthi militias, noting the 30 executions carried by the militias last month against activists, academics, and persons considered eligible for prisoners of war exchange under the Stockholm agreement, KUNA concluded.

Source: Emirates News Agency