Moin victim of bureaucratic machinations? (Pakistan Observer)

A GALLANT cricketer of yesteryears, Moin Khan has been victim of a raw deal, fall ing prey to bureaucratic machinations, accused and penalised for no rhyme or reason. His only fault was to dine at a casino with his wife just two days before the crucial world cup tie against West Indies. Can it be called a crime? If so in which society, and what parlance?
Poor soul, who gave so much to his country as a wicketkeeper of class, was portrayed as a “criminal’ and that too, by no less a person that the chairman of the Cricket Board. What p r o m p t e d Shayarkhan to paint black a man of enormous credentials and for purely a personal act. Did he realize that by charge sheeting Moin, the PCB chief was scandalizing his own country, consequences of which can be extremely serious.
Cricket bosses, instead of putting their own house in order, tried to divert attention from Pakistan defeats in crunch matches against India and the Windies. They did that without even considering that the counry’s image can be tarnished internationally.
Their attempt to shift the blame on a man who had earned a class victory in the 1992 bonanza against Newzealand at Auckland, can only be categorized Ostrichlike act.. Moin’s towering six in the end turned tables on opponents, and his contribution as a fighter in the game were shockingly overlooked. True past glories can never be a shield forever. Guilt needs to be punished, but guilt has to be proven first. Moin should have avoided going to a casino, a place meant for gambling. He could have chosen any reputed restaurant to refresh himself. But if he was to have an evil intent, he should be insane to take the wife along.
Secondly, even if he chose to gamble at the casino, it could only be called his personal problem. Putting money on team is condemnable, but there is no evidence so far of him being involved in that. Those videoing him for being there, ought to have concentrated on finding whether he met anyone suspicious there. But the PCB should have ignored the video. They instead chose to sensationalise a story which needed no publicity.
Moin Khan’s track record is a glittering chapter of the chequered Pakistan cricket history. As chairman of the selection committee, he picked a side that whitewashed the twoTest series against Australia in UAE, followed by a third successive Test victory against Newzealand in the Gulf State.
Losing one dayers to Sri Lanka earlier, and then to Australia, followed it by 32 loss to Kiwis, was because of the persistent shifting of team combination, responsibility for which lay on coach and captain. Moin was popular among players, and yet was stripped of the important position he was holding.
Shaharyar Khan is a former civil servant, was removed as high commissioner to England by Nawaz Sharif in his earlier stint. He failed to protect the Pakistan team under Inzimam after he and his team walked out of the ground to lodge protest of ball tampering in England. Shaharyar was then chairman of the cricket board then also. He failed to protect the side, and allowed the umpire to abandon the match as defeat for Pakistan, presenting it as a silver platter gift to England.
Then Shaharyar Khan should answer whether he kept telephoning team coach and captain several times during the two world cup matches in Adelaide and Christchurh or not?. Can he or Najam Sethi explain as to who picked the side for the world cup.
Players like Fawad Alam, scoring centuries in the UAE series, and in domestic tournaments, was dropped. Why? The board must answer. Sohaib Maqsood, and Rahat Ali, were not even among the 30 probables, and yet were sent for the high voltage competition. Rahat is yet to be tested. Sarfaraz was yet to be given chance, and Umamr Akmal as nonregular wicketkeeper, picked for sensitive assignment, dropped two crucial catches, and yet is being persevered with.Imran, the principle hope for his pace fury, was half fit, and failed to deliver in either of the two matches.
Now that the PCB has fanned a controversy against such a star personality, can it explain as to what was the role of the current manager Tanveer Cheema.His sole credential was that he was a former chief secretary of Punjab. The PCB chairman himself conceded that Tanveer was made manager on orders from the above. Where is the Board’s autonomy then? .
As chairman it was his responsibility to protect the Board’s image and authority. He surrendered it without argument> he should have , in all fairness, should have resigned, had he any sense of decency. It still is time for his to quit honourably before further controversies mar the team image.
Tanveeer Cheema has now been made chairman, selection committee. What a joke? What does he know about cricket? And why should he be conferred that honour? These are vital questions, and need to be explained now to the countrymen, who are cricket crazy, and are saddened by the team’s performance.
Also can the Board explain as to why it chose to pick its Constitution, which is neither constitutional nor democratic. Important places like Karachi and Lahore, have been equated with commercial organizations or low level city associations. Where is the general body of the cricket board? Zonal or city associations formed the general body in all previous constitutions of the Board. It was Zaka Ashraf, who being a friend of exPresident Zardari, introduced a handpicked constitution.
The present board merely made cosmetic changes in that, forgetting that in doing so, it is guilty of eliminating the role of the city or zonal cricket associations.
This is the real crime and the cricket bosses need to be tried for that. They have cheated the people of the country. They are guilty of a heinous crime. Who will ask them the questions now. Only Moin Khan has to be be made a scape goat for being without political patronage, while his successor, a bureaucrat, has now been installed as permanent manager and now also the chairman of the selection committee. This is not cricket sir, It is pure politics.