Ministry of State for Federal National Council Affairs Launches Research Competition of the Political Awareness Forum for University Students

Abu Dhabi, The Ministry of State for Federal National Council Affairs (MFNCA) has launched the Research Competition of the 11th edition of the Political Awareness Forum for University Students in collaboration with United Arab Emirates University (UAEU), in an effort to raise political awareness among Emirati students and encourage them to explore parliamentary procedures and the role the sector plays in the prosperity of societies.

The competition seeks to motivate UAEU students to conduct research into areas of political participation, components of political awareness, and the future of parliamentary life in the UAE. Entries must adhere to a set of research topics outlined for the competition, including Political Participation in the United Arab Emirates, which consists of three sub-topics: Role of Media and Social Networks in Spreading a Culture of Political Participation in the UAE Community, Importance of the Electronic Voting System in the Evolution of Federal National Council (FNC) Elections Processes, and Role of Modern Technology in Increasing Voter Turnout FNC Elections.

The second topic – Components of Political Awareness in the United Arab Emirates – also includes three sub-topics: Components of Political Awareness in the UAE Community, Role of Local and Federal Official Institutions in Raising Political Awareness in UAE Society, and Role of Civil and Public Benefit Organisations in Raising Political Awareness in the Emirates.

The third and final topic is Parliamentary Life in the UAE and included two sub-topics: Future of Parliamentary Life in the UAE – A Forward-Looking Vision, and Role of Youth in Shaping the Future of Political Development in the UAE.

To join the competition, candidates must be UAE citizens enrolled in the Bachelor’s programme at UAEU. Each researcher is allowed to submit two studies, at least one of which being a joint effort, provided that each team of researchers includes no more than two members.

Another condition for entering the competition is that the research study being submitted must not have been previously submitted in another competition nor as a course requirement for a class. Submission cannot have been previously published in a magazine, book, or any other means of publication, and must also abide by the rules of scientific research and documentation of scientific references and sources.

The timeline for the competition begins with an application period, where preliminary research proposals can be sent in via email at until April 8, 2022. Applicants are then notified if they have been accepted or rejected, or if their submitted research requires any corrections, by April 15. Entries then move on to the evaluation phase, which stretched until July 29, 2022 – the final deadline for receiving applications.

Source: Ruler’s Representative Court Western Region