Ministry of Education organises interactive session on distance learning

ABU DHABI, The Ministry of Education organised a “partners” session via live broadcast on the Instagram account of its Training and Professional Development Department.

The session was held under the title, “Parents Make a Difference,” and was presented by Dr. Ibrahim Al Dabal, CEO of the Khalifa Empowerment Programme, Aqdar, with the participation of many parents.

The session focused on several themes, most notably parental care and enabling parents to give their children a good home environment that supports distance learning and positive learning methods, as well as to influence their behaviours, values and ethics through distance education.

It also aims to highlight the importance of encouraging communication between parents and teachers, to obtain information related to the behaviour and performance of children in distance learning, through feedback, phone calls, messages and notes.

The session involved dialogue about home learning and the role of parents in helping children in educational activities, such as electronic homework, reading, research, project work and experiments. It also instructed parents on the best methods and strategies for teaching children at home, and how to overcome academic issues faced by students.

The session focussed on the topic of cooperation between families and schools, to take advantage of the services provided by the ministry’s platforms and employ them to improve academic services and the skills of parents, as well as to promote educational attainment, skills and values among students.

During the session, a series of digital controls and standards were introduced, to help optimise the use of digital resources in education.

Source: Emirates News Agency