Middlesex University Dubai to hold session for HR professionals

DUBAI, Middlesex University Dubai has invited HR professionals to take part in their free workshop, “People Management in a Futuristic Organisation. Where to Go from Here?” on Friday, 11th May.

In a digitally disruptive era, where businesses are challenged to reinvent themselves and keep up with fast-paced innovation, the HR function will inevitably have to play a more proactive role in driving the digital transformation agenda and being a key enabler of a digital ecosystem built around people and processes.

In line with this transformation, the workshop will discuss the 4Ps of strategic leadership: possible, plausible, probable and preferred future scenarios in People Management and Development, PMD. It will help professionals understand how these scenarios will have an impact on their role in the organisation.

The workshop will help participants develop the skills required to identify the trends and possible barriers relevant to a futuristic organisation. It will also help provide alternatives to create a conceptual, imaginative, systematic and opportunistic view of the future, looking into metrics, analytics and data as tools to build a sustainable future for CMD professionals.

The session will be conducted by Dr. Lien Els, Associate Professor and the Campus Programme Coordinator for the MA People Management and Development Programme at Middlesex University Dubai. With numerous qualifications in education and a Ph.D. from the University of Pretoria, she is also a member of the Chartered Institute for Personnel Development, CIPD, UK, the Society for Human Resource Management, SHRM, US, and the South African Business Council in Dubai, SABCo.

Dr. Martin Sposato, Senior Lecturer in Human Resource Management at Middlesex University Dubai, will be the Co-Facilitator of the workshop.

Speaking about the workshop, Dr. Cedwyn Fernandes, Director of Middlesex University Dubai, said, “The HR industry is continuously evolving and it becomes increasingly important for professionals to stay up to date and develop skills and knowledge in time with the change.

“Human capital can never be displaced; it is the singular, most important aspect of any successful business. Through the HR workshop, we hope to help professionals stay on trend and impact positive changes in their respective organisations.”

Source: Emirates News Agency

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