MBRF promotes technological development in knowledge at Mogtam3iTech forum in Egypt

The Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation (MBRF) participated in the ‘Mogtam3iTech’ forum to enhance knowledge collaboration with Egypt and promote development of knowledge and innovation sectors as key pillars to social development.

The forum, which was held in National Museum of Egyptian Civilization on September 12 and 13, under the theme ’Technology Serving the Community’, focussed on supporting and promoting the role of technology in social and economic development. The event was aimed at introducing a culture of entrepreneurship and empowering the youth, women and people of determination, along with accelerating the transition to a green economy.

During his speech, H.E. Jamal Bin Huwaireb, CEO of MBRF, highlighted the importance of the forum as an opportunity to explore developmental avenues for social and economic segments. He shed light on technology’s role across different sectors such as education, health, among others. He further said that the MBRF is in alignment with the forum’s vision of activating knowledge in technology for the developing societies in the Arab world and at a global scale. Through this, the coming generations will be equipped to reap benefits of science and advanced technologies, further advancing them towards knowledge economy.

Bin Huwaireb said: “The MBRF commits to strengthen knowledge collaboration with Egypt and will make efforts to promote the development of the knowledge and innovation sector as an essential factor for social development. We are highly interested in encouraging knowledge-based ventures, such as entrepreneurship, scientific research, and vocational development. We further seek to create new opportunities for the society, especially the youth, to become a key driving factor for knowledge-based communities. Our goals are in line with the Mogtam3iTech vision of promoting social and economic development regionally and globally. We aim at reaping the benefits of modern technology by encouraging adoption of digital solutions in numerous business sectors. Our shared vision is aimed at promoting scientific research, entrepreneurship, and innovation to ensure a prosperous growth of the community.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Randa Rizk, Secretary General of the Arab Council for Social Responsibility, said: “The second edition of the largest forum in the Arab region discussed the methods of leveraging technology to serve the community and the economy. This will open numerous avenues for technological innovation and exporting technology products. The program also emphasised how technology supports financial inclusion, job development, ecosystems protecting the environment and health, and achieving Egypt Vision 2030.”

Source: Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation


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