Majlis Hilal Zeid Al Shehhi Hosts Awareness Lecture on the Federal National Council Elections 2019

Abu Dhabi, Majlis Hilal Zeid Al Shehhi hosted an awareness lecture titled ‘Federal National Council (FNC) Elections 2019’ in Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi, organised by the Majalis Affairs Office at the Abu Dhabi Crown Prince’s Court, in collaboration with the Ministry of State for Federal National Council Affairs (MFNCA).

The Ministry had forged a strategic partnership with the Majalis Affairs Office with the objective of promoting a culture of political participation in the community and encouraging individuals to support the electoral process in all its stages, which, in turn, empowers the Council to carry out its role in serving the UAE and its people.

Led by Dr Abdullah Sulaiman, Director of the MFNCA’s Political Development Department, the lecture underlined the importance of partnership among entities and institutions to promote a culture of political awareness, and mould a generation that contributes effectively in the electoral process, which is a core element in the leadership’s vision for catalysing development and prosperity across all sectors in the UAE.

The Political Empowerment Programme, launched by UAE President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, represents an integrated plan to engage UAE citizens in the decision-making process and empower the Federal National Council to carry out its role and support the government in ensuring the wellbeing of all citizens, Dr Sulaiman said.

The previous electoral cycles were significant milestones on the journey to enhancing the UAE’s parliamentary experience, which takes into consideration the specificities of Emirati society, and strives to engage citizens in the effort to drive development and build an exemplary parliamentary model, he added. The fourth round of elections offers us an ideal opportunity to reassert our loyalty and belonging to our country, and play our part in building a better future for our country. This, in turn, highlights the values of inclusion and the ‘Shura’ approach that has long characterised the UAE.

Dr Sulaiman urged participants at the lecture to verify that their names were on the electoral college lists for the FNC elections of 2019 by visiting the official website or the smartphone application of the National Election Committee, by contacting the Committee’s call centre, or by visiting the headquarters of the sub-committees in any of the seven emirates.

The lecture also looked back on the stages of development the Federal National Council went through, highlighting the most prominent achievements made during the previous elections, including the wider participation from both voters and candidates. Moreover, participants explored the automated systems designed to facilitate participation in the electoral process, including e-voting and other smart systems.

The session drew a large audience who interacted with the lecturer, asking pertinent questions regarding the Political Empowerment Programme, procedures and requirements for participation and candidacy in the next electoral cycle, and the procedures by which the Federal National Council operates. The audience applauded the Ministry of State for Federal National Council Affairs for its efforts to promote a culture of political participation among members of the community and raise their awareness.

This lecture is one of a series of sessions organised in Abu Dhabi and featuring a group of experts to promote the culture of political participation, establish communication with all segments of the community, and help achieve the MFNCA’s vision and strategic objectives to build long-term national partnerships.

Source: Ministry of State for FNC Affairs