February 9, 2023

Made-to-order Customization Helps XCMG Equipment Reach Maximum Potential

XUZHOU, China, Dec. 26, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Leading Chinese construction machinery manufacturer XCMG has recently delivered an order of customized equipment, including truck-mounted cranes, motor sweepers, fire trucks and high-altitude working vehicles, to a client in Africa. The custom-made equipment was also fitted out with an exceptional shade of peacock blue instead of XCMG’s iconic gold paint.

XCMG’s made-to-order service is not limited to the color choices, the equipment’s functions and performance standards can also be tailored according to clients’ needs.

“Equipment customization attracts many clients to XCMG. Our strong R&D capabilities can meet different requirements within a short period of time, and we can improve designs promptly based on clients’ feedback. Customization is especially important in overseas markets as it allows us to adjust our products to satisfy the standards of different countries and regions,” said Wang Min, the Chairman of XCMG.

In May, XCMG delivered GR3505 motor graders to the BHP company’s iron ore mining site in Pilbara, Australia, which have been upgraded according to BHP and Australia’s mining equipment standards on mining equipment operating performance, service safety and attendance rate. The customized equipment excelled in the mining operations in the high temperature of 50 degrees Celsius.

BHP, which owns five world-class iron mines in the region and has an annual production of 275 million tons, chose XCMG’s products for their acclaimed maneuverability, functions, working efficiency and safety standards. XCMG also sent a team of experienced technicians to set up service and parts stations on the ground to support equipment operation.

In January, XCMG received an order for customized green-coloured excavators for the Eastern Economic Corridor Development project in Thailand. Per the client’s requirements, XCMG upgraded the equipment’s functions to improve operational efficiency and lower fuel consumption.

“The ‘Advanced and Endurable’ strengths of XCMG products are pushing the company to climb the Everest of the construction machinery industry, our comprehensive equipment solutions can cater to the diverse needs of our clients, and it’s our goal to become a world-class brand,” said Wang Min.

About XCMG

XCMG is a multinational heavy machinery manufacturing company with a history of 74 years. It currently ranks sixth in the world’s construction machinery industry. The company exports to more than 182 countries and regions around the world.

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