Lebanese Press Review for March 14, 2015

NNA – Press headlines for March 14, 2015, are as follows:AN-NAHAR:———Decade after Independence Uprising: Where to?March 14 launches its “Trans-sectarian” CouncilAL-MUSTAQBAL:————-March 14 launches “National Council” today, anticipations over its political documentForeign Ministry confirms Lebanese deportation from U.A.E., 90 persons informed to leaveAL-AKHBAR:———-Power void!Foreign Ambassadors: What you suggest we should do more?Ad-Diyar:———March 14 reiterates its principles without real supportU.A.E breaches human rights by expelling 70 Lebanese familiesDAILY STAR:———–Marc 14 a landmark in Lebanon’s history: HaririGulf Arab allies pledge $12B to EgyptLebanese leaders rush to address U.A.E deportationsIraqi offensive to dislodge ISIS from Tikrit appears to stall==========N.AF/L.Y.R