International news agencies conference concludes in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD, The two-day International Conference of News Agencies, ICNA, concluded in Islamabad on Tuesday, with the participation of directors and representatives of new agencies from 20 countries in the Gulf, Middle East, Africa, Europe and Southeast Asia.

The conference recommended the establishment of an international forum for international news agencies and media organisations, as well as a portal for the forum.

ICNA participants also appointed the Associated Press of Pakistan, APP, to organise the forum and decided to form a coordination committee to consult with the “Steering Committee for the Development of the Media Action Strategy,” which will include representatives from Sudan, Tunisia, Iran, Greece and Pakistan.

They also agreed to hold an annual conference on a rotational basis between the forum’s participating agencies and enable other agencies to join, as well to exchange internal and external news, articles and videos.

The forum’s recommendations, which were declared by Massoud Malek, APP Director-General, included creating a periodic programme to train journalists and encourage mutual visits while considering the marketing and economic aspects of member agencies.

The participants also agreed to present an award for best photojournalism and article on both an annual and monthly basis, which will be selected by the forum’s member agencies. They also agreed to record a message of mourning for Palestinian, Afghan and other journalists who died while performing their duties.

The two-day conference was attended by directors and representatives of news agencies from the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Syria, Lebanon, Tunisia, Sudan, Egypt, Tukey, Kazakhstan, Romania, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, China, Iran, Greece and Pakistan.

Source: Emirates News Agency