Houthi militias carried out attacks on hospital, fish market in Hodeidah, says Coalition’s spokesman

RIYADH, Colonel Turki Al Malki, Spokesman for the Arab Coalition Forces in Yemen, accused the Houthi militias of carrying out mortar attacks on Al Thawra Hospital and the fish market in Hodeidah, while denying that the coalition carried out any attacks.

“The Arab Coalition did not conduct any operations in Hodeidah today,” Al Malki said.

“The coalition follows a strict and transparent approach based on international law. We will investigate any allegations, and if there is any responsibility on our part, we will be transparent,” he added.

He stressed that the coalition’s operations will continue until the liberation of Hodeidah and its port.

“The strategic goal of the coalition’s operations is to reinstate legitimacy in Yemen,” he said in conclusion.

Source: Emirates News Agency