Higher Committee of Human Fraternity: Peace Agreement in Sudan a practical implementation of human fraternity

ABU DHABI, The Higher Committee of Human Fraternity praises the agreement signed on Monday, between the Sudanese government and the armed movements in Sudan after negotiations that lasted about 10 months, considering it a practical implementation of the Human Fraternity Document, which called for following the path of dialogue and understanding to contain and settle the problems besieging humans.

The committee expresses its hope that this historic agreement will end the suffering of thousands of refugees and displaced persons due to wars that many regions have suffered in Sudan, and that it will be the beginning of a new era for all the Sudanese people and achieve their aspirations for a safer and more prosperous future, so that Sudan, with its religious and ethnic diversity, remains a model of citizenship, coexistence and equality among all its citizens.

The Higher Committee of Human Fraternity renewed its call for the parties to conflicts around the world to resort to dialogue and peaceful solutions in order to resolve the disputes among them, emphasizing that wars and fighting will only lead to more suffering, the complexity of problems, bloodshed and exacerbating the humanitarian situation.


Source: Emirates News Agency

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