February 9, 2023

FNC Parliamentary Division participates in 43rd PAM Bureau Meeting

ROMA, The Parliamentary Division of the Federal National Council (FNC) participated in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean held in Rome, Italy and the Republic of San Marino from 18th to 20th November.

Members of the FNC’s Parliamentary Division included FNC Maryam Majid bin Theneya, Chairwoman of the division’s representative group in the Mediterranean region, Dherar Belhoul Al Falasi, Deputy Chairman, and Hind Humaid Al Alili, member of the group.

Addressing the 3rd Standing Committee on Dialogue among Civilisations and Human Rights meeting, Bin Theneya reviewed the UAE’s experience, since its establishment, to empower women.

She emphasised the wise leadership’s belief in the importance of integrating the role of women and men in nation-building and comprehensive development. The country approved the labour legislation on gender equality in positions, wages, all job opportunities and benefits, and granted women the opportunities to undertake their projects and investments in self-employment, and empowered them to access all higher education opportunities inside and outside the country. The UAE ranked first globally in the Global Gender Gap Report at the high school and university levels.

“We seek to generalise the benefit from the prominent milestones of the UAE’s experience in empowering women, the most important of which is that there should be legislation that guarantees the right to equality and no disparity between men and women in all fields,” she said in conclusion.

Source: Emirates News Agency