FNC Elections Committees across Emirates ready to receive candidates, provide best services

ABU DHABI, The heads of the Emirates Committees of the National Elections Commission, NEC, affirmed the readiness of registration centres to receive candidate applications from electoral colleges members, which meet constitutional requirements and wish to run for the upcoming Federal National Council, FNC, elections from 18th to 22nd August, 2019.

The NEC announced yesterday the launch of candidate registration for the FNC elections. It invited all eligible candidates wishing to submit their applications to do so at the candidate registration center of their respective emirate, from 18th to 22nd August, during the official working hours that extend from 08:00 to 15:00, Sunday to Thursday.

The NEC reiterated the eligibility criteria for those seeking to contest the FNC elections.

A potential candidate should comply with the constitutional requirements of being a citizen of the UAE, and permanent resident of the emirate he or she is seeking to represent.

Candidates should not be less than 25 years of age (born on or before 4th October 1994). A knowledgeable and literary person of sound reputation capable of discharging his or her civic responsibilities, the candidate should not have been convicted of any offences linked with their behavior, unless they have undergone rehabilitation for such behavior in accordance with the law.

The heads of the Emirates Committees also highlighted the keenness of the teams running their centres to provide the best services and meet the aspirations of individuals and the entire community, with guidance and support from the country’s leadership. The “Executive Instructions for 2019 FNC Elections” and the “Voter and Candidate Guide to FNC 2019 Elections” have also been made available.

Saif Ali Al Qubaisi, Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Committee, stated that his committee is keen to serve the electoral process and improve the UAE’s electoral experience.

“The committee has completed all the necessary preparations and provided quality service, including the opening of three registration centres in Abu Dhabi equipped with the latest technologies and infrastructure. These centres are located in the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Hazza bin Zayed Stadium in Al Ain, and in the Madinat Zayed Council in Al Dhafra,” he added.

Regarding the activities and events organised by the committee, Al Qubaisi said, “The committee recently distributed educational and instruction manuals issued by the NEC, and the accounts of local authorities in social media were used to publish and promote short films related to the electoral process.”

Ahmed Mohammed bin Humaidan, Chairman of the Committee of Dubai, said that the headquarters of the committee can support the 2019 national elections, according to the highest service standards.

He also pointed out that the committee can provide quality services during the registration of candidates, in coordination with the Election Management Committee, to ensure that the registration process is managed by following the conditions and requirements of the nomination.

Eisa Saif bin Hanzal, Chairman of the Committee of Sharjah, stated that his committee is ready for the elections.

The Sharjah Committee announced the opening of its headquarters in the Sharjah Consultative Council Building, which is ready to receive members of the electoral authority wishing to contest the elections. The building was chosen due to its accessibility to the general public, as it is a key landmark in the emirate.

It also supervised the training of administrative and executive personnel at its headquarters, who are prepared to carry out the tasks and procedures related to the elections, including receiving candidates and their registrations and answering inquiries.

Rashid Abdul Rahman Al Suwaidi, Chairman of the Ajman Committee, said that his committee is ready to serve the members of the commission, and has trained its staff to follow instructions, in coordination with the NEC.

The committee held several meetings with relevant authorities, to discuss its preparations and coordinate its efforts for the success of the elections, he added.

Al Suwaidi stressed that the headquarters of the committee will open its doors to those wishing to run from the Electoral College from 18th August, 2019, and has completed its preparations to facilitate the registration process.

Sheikh Abdullah bin Humaid Al Qasimi, Chairman of the Ras Al Khaimah Committee, affirmed the readiness of the centre to receive applications from those wishing to run for membership in the FNC, from 18th to 22nd August, 2019.

He added that members of the committees and qualified volunteers are ready to provide the necessary information to candidates while highlighting the ongoing support of H.H. Sheikh Saud bin Saqr Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Ras Al Khaimah, and his keenness to ensure the success of the elections.

Major General Mohammed Ahmed Al Kaabi, Chairman of the Fujairah Committee, noted the readiness of the commiittee’s headquarters in terms of staff and services while urging its staff to provide excellent services to candidates and voters and ensure their happiness.

He also stressed the need to mobilise national efforts to optimise the electoral process, to reflect the authenticity, development and maturity of the UAE’s experience in encouraging political participation, as an integral part of the nation’s progress and its comprehensive development.

“The electoral experience of the fourth session will certainly be more mature than all previous stages, due to the ongoing support of the country’s leadership and its keenness to expand the electoral base,” he added.

Chancellor Rashid Jumaa Al Ali, Chairman of the Umm Al Qaiwain Committee, confirmed the readiness of his emirate’s registration centre, which will receive applications for membership in the FNC from 18th to 22nd August.

Source: Emirates News Agency