First shipment of Egyptian Grape hits Brazil amid Climate Crisis via Tridge

SEOUL, South Korea, Sept. 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Tridge, South Korean agricultural trading platform, successfully facilitated the first ever export of Egyptian grapes to Brazil.

A major food wholesaler in Sao Paulo, Brazil, recently purchased two containers-  equivalent to 28 tonnes – of Egyptian grapes via the Tridge platform.This is the first consignment of Egyptian grapes imported to Brazil, according to Brazilian trade records.

Brazil, as a main agriculture producing country, rarely imports foreign grapes, with its import volume of grapes ranking 67th last year. However, the demand for foreign grapes is increasing due to the recent extreme weather conditions. A large volume of Brazilian grapes deteriorated this season as heavy rains and cold fronts hit Southern Brazil.

“Now is the perfect time to export Egyptian grapes, which are currently in the midst of grape harvesting.” said Oh Kwang, trade manager for Tridge. “The MERCOSUR – Egypt Free Trade Agreement (FTA) in 2020 opened a pathway to export Egyptian grapes to Brazil, which made this unique trade deal successful.”

According to Tridge’s data, Brazilian grape exports are estimated to have decreased by more than 45% YoY in the first six months of 2022. The price of Brazilian grapes has increased up to 20% YoY in some regions, according to Tridge’s data compilation.

In the midst of a global food crisis, Tridge is actively finding alternate buyers and suppliers for their perishable products with notable successes. For example, when trade sanctions over the war in Ukraine stopped fresh produce exports to Russia, Tridge redirected them to Europe when they were already en route by sea.

Tridge is a global agricultural trading platform that makes cross-border trade easy and frictionless. With its proprietary global sourcing hub, Tridge goes beyond matching buyers and sellers of 15,000 agricultural goods. This is facilitated through our one-stop fulfillment service that includes due diligence, supplier certificate verification, contract negotiation, packaging, shipping, customs, and many more.


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