January 29, 2023

FCC UAE hosts session with James Rogers on use of remote warfare by non-state actors in Middle East

ABU DHABI, The Foreign Correspondents’ Club of the UAE (FCC UAE) welcomed on Wednesday leading academic Dr. James Rogers to Abu Dhabi for a talk and Q and A session on “Remote Warfare and Non-State Actors in the Middle East”.

Rogers discussed how non-state actors across the region, notably the Houthi rebels in Yemen and Hezbollah in Lebanon, are increasingly using sophisticated drones and remote weaponry.

He went on to outline how these groups are able to develop or acquire this technology (often with the help of third parties, such as Iran) highlighting the latest technical details of drones capable of reaching speeds of 100 miles per hour, possessing 30 kilogram warheads, and with air explosion capabilities.

He articulated how nations such as the UK and USA are increasingly concerned that drone systems currently deployed by non-state actors in the Middle East could be exported and used to attack infrastructure in Europe and North America. The subsequent Q and A session revolved around how nation states can effectively counter this phenomenon.

Rogers is a Visiting Fellow at Yale University’s Department for International Security Studies and is recognised as a world-leading expert on drone and remote warfare. In addition to writing extensively on the topic, he has provided advice on the impact of this threat to multi-lateral institutions and governments, including NATO and the UK’s Ministry of Defence.

The first event in the FCC’s speaker series brought together local and international journalists, government representatives, foreign diplomats, and think tank analysts for the informative talk and discussion.

The Foreign Correspondents’ Club of the UAE aims to build and strengthen bridges between UAE government institutions and foreign correspondents who are based in the country, whether they are in-country correspondents or international journalists visiting the UAE to cover major events.

It is a venue for members to meet with government officials, politicians, VIPs, business leaders, analysts, academics and authors. The club aims to create a conducive environment for intellectual and cultural exchange and to be an important information resource for journalists.

The Club’s facilities include a conference room with state-of-the-art audio and video equipment, translation rooms, a main meeting room, office units and a public lounge.

The club is expected to function as a social centre as well as a media hub and will host regular networking and social events, thereby providing unique opportunities for members to connect with each other.

Source: Emirates News Agency