Faraj Fund helps release 14,000 inmates since 2009

ABU DHABI, Since its launch in 2009, the Faraj Fund, a non-profit organisation focusing on releasing defaulting inmates, has helped 14,000 inmates in penal and correctional institutions from various nationalities by paying off debts, blood money and fines.

Nasser L’khrebani Al Nuiami, Chairman of the Board, Faraj Fund, said the Fund had also offered assistance to 2000 families of the prisoners to help them overcome economic burdens and ensure their stability and decent life to their children.

”The Faraj Fund reflects the deeply-rooted Emirati values of tolerance and solidarity. It is one of the leading societal, humanitarian actors which actively contributed to alleviate hardships faced by prisoners,” he added.

The Fund’s mission follows the UAE’s principle of treating everyone equally, irrespective of their nationality, religion or race. The fund extends help to families that are suffering when a family member, especially a breadwinner, is imprisoned.

The essence of the Faraj Fund is to provide assistance to those who need it most and who cannot help themselves. They include: Those struggling to repay loans and civil debts; Those struggling to pay Diyyah (blood money); Those struggling with penalties or court fees; Those struggling to support their family outside, and Those struggling to pay for ticket once deported.

Source: Emirates News Agency