FAHR issues 2020 interactive annual report

DUBAI, The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) issued its annual report for 2020 in a creative and interactive digital form, the first of its kind on a federal government level.

In the report’s introduction, FAHR stressed that the entire world has been affected by the challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, noting that business sectors were negatively affected, which made governments adopt various precautionary measures.

FAHR also pointed out that the UAE has exerted significant efforts during this critical period, by attempting to maintain the balance between protecting the health and safety of the community and ensuring continuity of business while providing services to the public. The country mainly succeeded in maintaining that balance, due to the vision of its leadership and its robust infrastructure. For example, it employed advanced technologies to continue the education process and work activities by utilising distance learning and teleworking applications, supported by the availability of suitable technological tools and automated human resources systems, it added.

The authority also noted that over the past year, it invested in digital human resources solutions by upgrading its current systems and launching new ones, in order to overcome the crisis caused by the pandemic and turn challenges into opportunities. FAHR, therefore, maintained continuity of business and performed training and development operations on a federal government level.

In its interactive report, FAHR showcased its strategic initiatives and projects in 2020, focussing on its efforts to digitise federal human resources systems and turn them into smart systems, to keep pace with current requirements and meet the aspirations of the country’s leadership.

The report includes a federal government human resources overview and a summary of the significant upgrading of federal human resources systems, in line with FAHR’s investment in government human resources.

Some of FAHR’s key achievements in 2020 related to the pandemic include drafting the federal government teleworking guidelines and operational instructions during emergencies. They also include a study on teleworking during times of crises on a federal government-level that involved a questionnaire, with the participation of 6,327 employees from 53 ministries and federal authorities.

Major achievements in 2020 included the issuance of a guideline for dealing with COVID-19 infected persons, suspected of having symptoms of the virus, and those in close contact with confirmed patients at workplaces in the federal entities, the Guide to Outsourcing Governance Procedures in the Federal Government, the Guide to the Use of The Federal Government’s Strategic Workforce Planning Electronic System and the Guide on the Development of the Human Resources Departments’ Performance in the Federal Government.

The Guide of Remote Working System in the Federal Government, the Guidelines for Office and Workplace Environment during Emergency Conditions the Guideline for Development and Review of Job Description and Evaluation of Federal Government Jobs were also issued.


Source: Emirates News Agency

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