Express Mail in UAE grew 49.6 percent in four years

DUBAI, — The Express Mail Service, EMS, in the UAE has grown 49.6 percent in the four years from 2012 to 2015, driven by increased volumes from e-commerce, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, traders and wholesalers, according to the Emirates Post Group, EPG.

Abdullah Mohammed Alashram, Acting CEO of the EPG, shared this information while addressing the EMS General Assembly at the recently held UPU Universal Postal Congress in Istanbul.

He shared EPG’s EMS success story, listed key achievements and outlined future plans, keeping in view the potential for expanding the EMS customer base.

“The growth of EMS can be attributed to several measures taken by EPG, such as creating a dedicated centralised customs team as well as having customs officials in main post offices, dedicated night shifts to allow faster processing of inbound shipments, and creating a security-controlled specific location for processing international outbound items,” he said.

The call centre of the EPG, which was named ‘EMS Call Centre’ of the Year in 2014, has been playing a crucial role in boosting EMS customer satisfaction levels. A dedicated team at the call centre has been tasked with handling EMS inquiries, supported by a time-bound follow-up procedure on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis.

Referring to future plans, Mr. Alashram said that efforts are on to consolidate inbound and outbound processing into a single secure location, dedicating a team of agents for each postal zone and signing contracts with airlines on EMS transportation standards. The future plans also include launching a combined operational back office app permitting seamless data flow of items from postal to courier operations and introducing 3G/4G electronic and digital services supporting real-time event status updates.

Source: Emirates News Agency

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