ExportPortal.com Launches Brand Ambassador Search Across India and Dubai

GLENDALE, California, Nov. 24, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — ExportPortal.com has begun its worldwide search for Country Brand Ambassadors and India and Dubai are on the top of our list.  Export Portal CEO Ally Spinu said at a recent event in Glendale, California, “Out of 120+ countries, India is currently the leading country on our international B2B e-commerce platform and we want to expand export and import of India and the Middle East by adding new members to our fast-growing team.”

Export Portal is actively looking for lead Brand Ambassadors as well as coordinators who can handle EC-B2B (e-Commerce Business to Business) in India and Dubai. We have a representative taking meetings at the UDYOG India 2017 Business and Cultural Show in Dubai Thursday and Friday.

“We will not succeed unless Dubai and India succeed on our ExportPortal.com (https://www.exportportal.com/) platform,” Ms. Spinu continued. “India is in great need of a more secure way in which entrepreneurs can find suppliers or manufacturers in India to trade with as has been made more than apparent with some of the issues the country has faced in the e-commerce space. Dubai is in the process of changing its entire infrastructure to a blockchain based structure. Our commitment to nations, industries, companies and families is to allow companies in good standing to join our ecosystem.”

Based on a private blockchain technology, Export Portal is now in a position to move forward in a larger way in international trade and our executive team will be coming to India on February for a series of Brand Ambassador interviews, meetings with industry leaders, conferences in addition to scouting for an office and software development space.  To submit your resume for consideration, enclose your CV and a short video to the following:  https://goo.gl/yPcEDq.
Export Portal:  Verified Companies Allowed

About Export Portal & ExportPortal.com
Born from a good e-commerce need gone bad, Export Portal is expanding in countries around the world.  If you have your nation and its export potential at the heart of what you do and believe you can bring Export Portal to SMEs, sellers, manufacturers and entire industries, we want to hear from you.  To submit your resume for consideration, enclose your CV and a short video to the following:  https://goo.gl/yPcEDq.