Expo Centre Sharjah marks Global Exhibitions Day 2020

SHARJAH, The Expo Centre Sharjah today posted on its social media platforms a video highlighting the importance of conferences and exhibitions as a vital method for humanitarian and cultural communication, on the occasion of the Global Exhibitions Day 2020, which is observed on 3rd June every year.

The video also highlighted the key role of conferences and exhibitions in driving and turning the economic growth into better performance.

Speaking on the occasion, Saif Mohammed Al Midfa, the CEO of Expo Centre Sharjah, said, “This year, we have been keen to share the national associations and exhibition centres worldwide in the celebration of the Global Exhibitions Day.

“Our participation aims to highlight the positive impact of this sector on the different areas of life, including employment, business practices, innovation, investment, culture, and others.”

Al Midfa enumerated the impactful role of conferences and exhibitions sectors in the states’ economic life, including the significant contribution to the national income and the sustainable economic development, emphasising the role of this sector as an integral part of the economic recovery plans, alongside different economic sectors.

He pointed to the stimulus package adopted by the UAE to support the public and private institutions, business sectors, and individuals, in addition to the economic incentives adopted by Sharjah’s government, singling out the Expo Centre with a number of them. This will greatly contribute to boosting the confidence of the business community and local and international companies in the exhibitions industry.


Source: Emirates News Agency